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Adult ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages

CASA’s Life Skills ESOL Program improves participants’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English so that they may become more financially independent, increase their employability, better integrate into U.S. society and achieve their personal goals.

Youth Leadership Development

CASA’s youth programs build the next generation of youth leaders by promoting high school graduation, post-secondary enrollment, career readiness and leadership development for first and second generation immigrants.


You may join our AmeriCorps team, as we are honored to receive funding from AmeriCorps to implement a series of programs in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania


CASA’s comprehensive citizenship initiative includes citizenship education, mentoring and interview preparation, application assistance, and post-naturalization support.

Community Organizing

CASA conducts widespread regional outreach and organizes its members into local committees that develop individual and collective leadership to fight for social justice and human rights.


CASA operates a public benefits outreach and enrollment program that assists community members understand and enroll into a variety of government assistance and health insurance programs. CASA also offers a multilingual hotline to get questions answered.

Financial Education and Free Tax Services

CASA operates an integrated program of financial literacy, naturalization, and legal services.

Legal Services

CASA provides our members with free remote immigration legal consultations in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Georgia. In addition to individual immigration legal consultations, CASA’s legal team supports our members in defending their rights through mass education sessions, advocacy, and impact litigation.

Vocational Training

CASA partners with local community colleges such as Prince George’s Community College and Montgomery College to offer a range of vocational training courses.