If you are a supporter of working class or immigrant communities, become an ally to CASA Members. Join the CASA Ally Network.

The CASA Ally Network is a multi racial, multi generational network of allies in the struggle for immigrant justice, coordinated by CASA and CASA in Action. Guided by the core principle that everyone must be the author of their own liberation, and in service to and in solidarity with the immigrant, Latino, and working class members of CASA, CASA Ally Network is committed to the following goals:

  1. Strengthening our movement by orienting allies to the values, goals, and dreams of members, and aligning the unique resources, talents, and connections of allies to the strategic aims of our members’ struggle.
  2. Welcoming new allies to the movement and coordinating efforts and information with longstanding allies and their affiliated partner organizations.
  3. Creating opportunities for solidarity, learning, and mutual struggle between communities that might not otherwise interact in our racially and economically segregated society.
  4. Serving in a practical sense as a central hub for coordinating ally involvement in CASA and CASA in Action social, political, and fundraising campaigns

Not ready to join the Ally Network quite yet? Start your journey to becoming a CASA Ally by signing up our Friends of CASA mailing list to get updates, information, and volunteer opportunities.