As we continue to see the cost of housing go up, wages stay stagnant – and housing affordability is becoming increasingly out of reach for working-class and immigrant communities. CASA’s work to protect renter centers around our core belief that housing is a human right. 

Unfortunately, housing in the US is viewed as a commodity being loosely regulated by the government but priced primarily by the market. We will continue to see issues across the country with skyrocketing housing costs until we address the fundamental issue with how affordability is defined. Housing is a critical piece of infrastructure and we are in desperate need to not only preserve the housing we currently have but also invest in new housing for the generations to come. The lack of production on new and diverse housing options impacts the level of affordability. 

At CASA, we fight to ensure that immigrant and working families have access to affordable and quality housing. From assisting members with organizing tenant associations, advocating on housing policies, and leading regional housing coalitions, CASA is committed to having immigrant voices at the forefront of housing conversations. Centering the voices of working-class and immigrant communities is how we develop the solutions necessary to deliver housing justice for our communities. 

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