Tenant Rights

For decades, CASA has organized and empowered tenants to demand adequate, sustainable, and livable housing in our communities. Everyone should have a safe place to live, yet many tenants, especially Black and brown renters, face real challenges securing a stable, habitable and affordable home. CASA has worked intimately with the immigrant community to address the urgent needs of families in rental housing, organize their neighbors to build power, and pass meaningful housing reform legislation. 

Undocumented immigrants, in particular, are in a unique position to be exploited by their landlords – as both smaller and larger firm landlords use immigration status to abuse and neglect renters without accountability. Our policy priorities are centered around landlord accountability, improving rent court practices, property maintenance, and ending predatory fees. From massive rent strikes to Langley Park to Cancel the Rent campaigns across our footprint – CASA is committed to ensuring that tenant voices are heard and listened to. 

CASA Member Voices

CASA has organized Prince George’s County immigrants in a rent strike since 2020, after the pandemic stole their jobs and ability to pay their rent. CASA Members like Maria Lara shines a light on the abuses that the landlord has doled out.

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