Emergency Pandemic Relief

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused great economic hardship for working-class and immigrant families. While many families have worked on the frontlines in essential jobs, countless families lost their jobs, leaving them without work for months – some over a year. While programs have been established to provide monetary relief for those seeking assistance, many programs have excluded undocumented immigrants or failed to provide services that reach the communities most in need. 

While we continue to urge government at all levels to take the necessary steps to adequately and equitably respond to the pandemic, addressing the needs of renters is a top priority at CASA. With the pandemic leaving hundreds of thousands of CASA members at risk of homelessness, our team is advocating for strong policies to prohibit evictions during, and in the aftermath, of the pandemic including eviction moratoriums, prohibition of late fees and charges, landlord accountability measures, and additional funding to renters regardless of immigration status. We strive to protect tenants during this critical moment, into the recovery phase, and in future crises faced by our community. 

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