Baltimore Youth Leadership
Development Programs

For more information or questions about youth programs in Baltimore:

Maria Fernanda Quintero | (410) 469-8187 or [email protected]

Mi Espacio is an after school program that promotes successful high school graduation, leadership development, post-secondary enrollment and career readiness. Students grades ninth through twelve currently enrolled in Baltimore City Public Schools are eligible for enrollment. The program meets after school Monday through Thursday at CASA’s Baltimore Welcome Center and includes the following components:

  • Individual and small group tutoring
  • Workshops pertaining to college and career readiness, financial literacy and health 
  • Enrichment activities such as sports, art, field trips and community service opportunities
  • Leadership development and opportunities for civic engagement

CASA partners with Baltimore County Public Schools to facilitate Escalera, an in school and after school program for high school juniors and seniors that focuses on career exploration and college readiness with hands-on support throughout the college application process.

Family workshops are held in the evenings at CASA’s Baltimore Welcome Center throughout the school year. Workshop topics include but are not limited to the following: career mapping, financial aid for college and post-secondary enrollment, financial literacy for the workforce, youth leadership and civic engagement.

Through financial aid clinics, CASA staff individual assist youth in applying for financial aid to cover the cost of college and post-secondary enrollment including FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and MHEC (Maryland High Education Commission) One-App

Not sure if you are eligible for the MHEC One-App? Here are the requirements:

  • Maryland resident who qualifies for the Dream Act
  • Graduated from a Maryland high school or GED program
  • Enrolling in higher education within 6 years of graduating
  • Filed taxes for at least three years, the applicant must be included in the tax return
  • If male, the applicant must register for the selective service.

The Summer Internship Experience is an opportunity for immigrant youth in Baltimore City and Baltimore County to develop and reinforce new workforce skills by pairing them with culturally and linguistically competent professional mentors across various industries. The experience also serves as a resume builder and, in many cases, a chance for youth to gain firsthand insight into their self-identified career field.

The Mayor Scholars Program (MSP) is a last-dollar scholarship that funds the difference between a student’s state and federal financial aid award and the cost of tuition and mandatory fees at Baltimore City Community College (BCCC). CASA has a scholarship for undocumented students attending BCCC through the MSP. The scholarship can be used to pay school related expenses such as transportation, books and supplies.

CASA has partnered with Heart Smiles for The Granny Project, a youth-led initiative dedicated to fighting food insecurity in Baltimore City through community power and cultural diversity. In each season, we celebrate the different community leaders, affectionately known as “Grannies,” who represent a wide range of cultural backgrounds. These Grannies generously share their cherished recipes and traditions with us. During each session, the youth bond with strong community leaders who share their life journeys with them. Click here to view each granny’s recipe.