The Granny Project

Recipes from Grandmothers from across the Globe

CASA has partnered with Heart Smiles for The Granny Project, a youth-led initiative dedicated to fighting food insecurity in Baltimore City. It is a true demonstration of the power of community and cultural diversity. In each season, we celebrate the different community leaders, affectionately known as “Grannies,” who represent a wide range of cultural backgrounds. These Grannies generously share their cherished recipes and traditions with us. During each session, the youth bond with strong community leaders who share their life journeys with them.

Season 5 - Weekly Recipe Videos:

Episode 1: Mangú

Join us as a beloved Granny Yris shares her culture with the youth of Baltimore as they learn to prepare the Dominican dish, Mangú.

Episode 2: Pupusas

Watch as Granny Maria teaches Baltimore youth how to make delicious pupusas!

Episode 3: Bourbon Chicken

Join us in celebrating the diversity of culinary traditions with Granny Alicia, and let’s savor every moment together of this bourbon chicken recipe. 

Episode 4: Pastelitos

Granny Laura is teaching us how to make Honduran pastelitos in this heartwarming video. 

Episode 4: Rotisserie Chicken

Granny Rachel teaches us how to make delicious and crispy rotisserie chicken along with some yummy side dishes!