The Lancaster City Trust Act

In other jurisdictions, where officials collaborate with ICE, trust between officials and the community is jeopardized, threatening public safety for all individuals living in the area. Limiting Lancaster City's cooperation and partnership with immigration enforcement officials, the Lancaster Trust Act would increase the safety of all people living in Lancaster City.

Top Reasons to Support Lancaster Trust

Reinforce a positive relationship, increase trust, and transparency between city officials and the immigrant community.

Improve public safety for all residents of the city.

Trust Act legislation would do the following

Prevents law enforcement from inquiring about immigration status, detaining on behalf of ICE, or notifying/transferring to ICE.

Allow Lancaster City employees and officials to accept photo ID issued by a state or foreign government, or by a non profit organization as an acceptable form of identification.

Provide reassurance to be able to report domestic violence situations, or other situations where a member of the immigrant community has been the victim of a crime, without fear of their information being shared with ICE.

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