Building Green Futures Program | Workforce Readiness Program

York, Pennsylvania

Learn Construction, Weatherization, Electricity and More – at No Cost, Free

No cost to participate in the Building Green Futures program

Paid stipend (“Learn and Earn”)

Lunch provided in the classroom and field assignments

Childcare and elderly care are reimbursed

Basic set of work tools, gloves, and shoes included

The Building Green Futures program is a free quality pre-employment training program that trains workers for the weatherization sector, where 1,000 new workers will be needed in Pennsylvania. The program is a 5-week course that starts with two weeks of campus learning and three weeks of onsite mentor base training. Over the course of the students will learn hands-on skills, air sealing, OSHA 10 training, carpentry, and more. Once complete, the students will be paired up with local weatherization businesses to gain experience. They will have practical training and work hands-on in residential homes.

Applicant Requirements

Technical Training in the Classroom: Weeks 1 - 2

Field Assignment / Employer Connections: Weeks 4-6

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Meet the Past Participants




Molis studied medicine in his home country of Haiti, stopping his studies when he had to leave for the United States. Molis came to CASA for help with a job.  CASA launched a new clean energy program to teach new skills and gain employment. Because Molis had worked with construction before and had the skill set to be a teacher, he was a good fit for the Building Green Futures program. Now as a graduate, Molis looks forward to this new opportunity and putting his new skills into practice.

Melissa became aware of our Building Clean Energy Program through a post on CASA’s Facebook page. Melissa is a mother to seven children and wants to provide new opportunities for her family. Melissa has a background in construction and wanted to further her skills. This program allows Melisa to expand her skills and dive into a new work field. She is forging a new path for Hispanic immigrant women in the Clean Energy Field.

Mario is a young, ambitious student wanting to make a difference in his community. Mario found out about this opportunity through his mother; Mario is still in college and was looking for an opportunity to expand his knowledge. Mario excels in the course and loves to help and further his community. He sees this opportunity as a way to support and collaborate with his community.