Woodbridge Revitalization

Budget and Timeline

CASA’s vision for Woodbridge and the Commonwealth of Virginia goes far beyond the renovation and reopening of our Woodbridge center. Through this capital campaign, CASA’s goal is to transform both the building and the surrounding community into a hub of empowerment for underserved communities.

Phased Project Plan

Phase 1: Pre-Expansion & Development
Estimated timeline of 2020-2023
  • Establish the Need – Conduct robust research on the community and the movement organizations that serve the community to establish a clear need for CASA Completed
  • Partner and Funder Landscape Analysis – Expand on and deepen our existing relationships with partners and funders in the state and seek to establish new ones before our arrival, most notably with local and state government partners that so often have served as foundational funders for our community services Underway
  • Movement politics – Work with existing partners and coalitions on the ground to establish friendly relationships and ensure our move does not negatively impact the broader movement – Completed
Phase 2: Site Acquisition & Renovation
Estimated timeline of 2024-2025
  • Locate a site – Establish a headquarters in PWC – Completed
  • Complete acquisition and renovations of the site – CASA’s selected site is an existing building close to I-95 and accessible via many forms of public transportation.  The selected location is not only perfect for CASA, located near communities that we serve, it will be a revitalization opportunity for the community as the building has stood vacant for 3+ years. Renovations to the building will be minimal as it continues to be in good shape.  CASA plans to carve out spaces for offices and transform the first floor of the building into a full vocational training center and workforce site (CASA Tech) –  Underway
Phase 3: Year 1 Operations Expansion
2026 and beyond
  • Goal: Development/Expansion of CASA’s basic core services – financial literacy and tax assistance, citizenship services, health & social services referrals outreach and education.
  • Staffing:
    • 1 Health Director
    • 2 Managers of Navigators
    •  6 Health Navigators
    • 2 Health Coordinators
    • 1 Youth Education Manager
    • 1 Adult Education Manager
    • 1 IT Manager
    • 1 Sites Manager
  • Activities Include:
      • Expansion of operations/admin staff to facilitate full operations expansion.
      • Expand services offerings to include Mi Espacio after school program, ESOL classes, and some workforce development services if possible. – including partnerships with at least 3 local high schools.
Phase 4: Year 2 Operations Expansion
2026 and beyond


  • Development of CASA Tech: Economic, SWaM Business, Education & Workforce Development.


  • 1 CASA Tech Director
  • 1 Youth Education Coordinator
  • 1 Adult Education Coordinator
  • 1 Workforce Programs Manager
  • 1 Employment Specialists
  • 2 Job Developers & Engagement Specialists
  • 1 Workforce Development Specialists
  • 1 Supervising Legal Manager
  • 1 Attorney
  • 1 Paralegal

    Activities Include:

  • Complete workforce and CASA tech program development and begin implementation and continue implementing CASA core services.
Phase 5: Year 3 Operations Expansion
2026 and beyond
  • Goal: By Year 3 we will have fully staffed operations and will begin increasing the capacity of staff to serve additional community members.
  • Staffing: Increase capacity to serve by using previous year’s data to determine which programs/services need additional staff capacity
  • Activities Include:
    • Maintain robust relationships with local businesses and state and local governments that support our services.

Project Budget

Project Budget

$ $9,463,763
Total Cost
  • Acquisition $6,000,000.00
  • Hard Cost (construction) $1,050,000.00
  • Soft Costs (design, financing, etc.) $339,375.00
  • Other Costs and contingencies $977,738.00
  • Operations expansion $1,096,650.00


Together with your support we will continue uplifting Virginia’s immigrant families, offering the best services and advocacy for so many. Thank you for your tremendous support. It is truly a special gift to have you join us in this bright vision for Virginia.