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Today Governor Hogan announced his veto of immigrant reform bills Dignity Not Detention and Driver Privacy Acts.

And as if vetoing the bills was not enough, the Governor has gone full force putting out action alerts and statements mischaracterizing and spewing misinformation about the bills. Legislators’ inboxes are being filled with anti-immigrant messages right now, and we need to continue to show strong support.

This is a tremendous blow for all of us, but we will not be discouraged. We have organized and prepared for a veto of these bills since day one, and we will continue forward with our advocacy to ensure that both bills are overridden first thing in January. 

Until then, here is what you can do to support right now:



If you have a close relationship with a legislator, take it a step further by asking them to share their support publicly. Tell them how much their public support would mean to you.

Join us and show governor Hogan the people of Maryland stand with their immigrant friends and neighbors!