Martha Hernandez Vite

PA Lead Organizer

Pennsylvania Lead Organizer Martha Hernandez Vite mobilizes in the Harrisburg, Hanover, and Gettysburg areas. Her story is one of many of ours, but special in her own way. When she arrived in the U.S, she immediately earned the GED (General Education Development) degree. She then started helping at the GED school as an executive assistant and crafts teacher. For three years, she also worked in a Mexican restaurant. Later, she met CASA and volunteered for two years in Hanover, Pennsylvania. She helped with filling out new memberships and filling buses with community members for rallies and actions. She began working full time during the primary election in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has been an important part of growth in PA. She was then asked to be an organizer for the Harrisburg area. Martha is a survivor of domestic violence, she now helps battered women find places of support. Martha’s presence in every step has make a big impact, with her great personality and her organizer nature has definitely create a movement involving many community members and keeping the motivation up to the top. In the future, she wants to continue growing as a leader in the Adams County area because those in the community need it. Martha is in the process of learning more about what services she can provide and studying English. She is also learning how to file taxes and apply for citizenship so that she can continue to help the community even more.