YORK, PA – UPDATE: Jean Baptiste has been found. 

Seventeen-year-old Jean Baptiste remains missing. The following is an update provided by CASA’s coordinator of the youth education program Mi Espacio that the media can share when disseminating the news about the York teenager.

Jean is a cherished part of immigrant nonprofit CASA and its youth development program, Mi Espacio. He has been a part of many projects within the program, such as vision board planning, college preparation, career planning, and much more. This passionate teen is always willing to stand up for what he believes in. He participated in two of CASA’s rallies, the PA Student Fair Funding in York City, as well as one of our biggest marches in D.C. leading in front with the other PA Youth for May Day. Always proud of his roots, for Women Empowerment month he chose Catherine Flon, Haitian seamstress, patriot, and national heroine. He enjoyed Friday soccer in the park. With all of this juggling school came easy to him; he loves math. He was recognized with a Certificate of Achievement as a Honors Scholar back in March. A month later, he was awarded the P.R.I.D.E Certificate for academic, social excellence, and for active engagement. As summer came in, he asked for help in finding a part-time job to help out his dad at home, a request that CASA’s Workforce Development Department helped to accomplish. Jean is an incredibly gifted student, member, son, brother, and friend.

Jean Baptiste
250 lbs. 5’8’’
17 years old.
Brown eyes.
Red hair.
White long sleeve shirt.
Grey shorts.

Call or text with any leads on Jean Baptiste: 717-706-7236