Vote “Yes on Democracy” by voting YES on the four proposed referendum questions on Election Day

Seconds until Election Day

Election Day: November 7, 2023, from 7AM-8PM EST

Rockville for Democracy is a coalition composed of people who love and live in Rockville. They are dedicated to inclusive, representative, and responsive policies and practices that empower every resident in Rockville.

Rockville is the 4th largest city in Maryland and the 8th most diverse city in the U.S. However, Rockville historically has a low voter turnout.

In 2019 alone, 70% of registered Rockville voters did not participate in the municipal election. The Mayor and Council recognized this problem and appointed the 2020 Commission to research provisions that may boost voter turnout.

The commission recommended 4 solutions that the City Council and Mayor voted to send to a referendum, Rockville residents will vote on this referenda on November 7, 2023.

Low voter turnout can have a big impact on our cities. When not enough people vote, it can result in elected officials and policies being influenced by a small group of people and the uneven distribution of resources. This undermines our representative democracy and the effectiveness of our local government.

But your vote can change that. By supporting the Rockville referendum, you’re voting to make Rockville a more fair and equal place for all. We want to ensure that everyone has a say in how our city is run.

Your vote is crucial in shaping our city’s future.

Vote YES on Question 1

Lower Voting Age to 16

People aged 16 and 17 are integral to Rockville. They are employed, support their families, pay Rockville taxes, and contribute to our community. They deserve the right to vote.

Vote YES on Question 2

Expanding Local Voting to Noncitizen Rockville Residents

Everyone in Rockville should have input on the laws that govern them, regardless of immigration status. Rockville is the eighth most diverse city in the U.S., with one-third of its residents born outside the U.S. We can hear more voices by expanding the electorate.

Vote YES on Question 3

Set Term Limits to Three Years

Term limits allow the opportunity for new candidates with new ideas to be elected to office and ensures that leadership remains responsive and accountable to the community.

Vote YES on Question 4

Creating Representative Districts

Creating districts, would provide a more reflective representation on City Council of the citizens of Rockville, thus allowing residents to have a stronger voice.

Where to Vote

Rockville City Hall
111, Maryland Ave, Rockville, MD

In person voting:
On Election Day from
7 A.M – 8 P.M EST

24/7 Drop-box: Available at City Hall until Election Day

Thomas Farm Community Center
700 Fallsgrove Dr, Rockville, MD

In person voting:
On Election Day from
7 A.M – 8 P.M EST

Other Ways to Vote

Mail-in Ballot: Must be received before 8pm on November 7.

24/7 Drop-box: Available at Rockville City Hall until Election Day.

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