HYATTSVILLE, MD – In response to the recent report by the Prince George’s County Rent Stabilization Workgroup, immigrant and working families advocacy group CASA and the Prince George’s County Housing Justice Coalition fully support the recommendations put forth to address the pressing issue of housing instability in Prince George’s County. The workgroup’s recommendations for permanent rent stabilization represent a significant step towards creating a more equitable rental housing landscape in our county. By prioritizing stability and predictability, the workgroup has laid a foundation for a rent stabilization policy that can positively impact renters’ lives and promote healthier communities.

“We applaud the Prince George’s County Council for working with researchers to design these recommendations. This is a positive step forward in winning a permanent rent stabilization in the county,” said Jorge Benitez Perez, CASA’s Prince George’s County lead organizer. “Rent stabilization is not just a policy; it is a lifeline for those members of the community that are disproportionately burdened by housing insecurity.”

Moreover, the workgroup report underscores the pressing need for urgent legislative action in the county, as a staggering 52% of Prince George’s County renters are burdened by housing costs, spending more than 30% of their income on rent.

“This statistic is not just a number; it represents the daily struggles of countless families who are forced to make difficult choices between paying rent and meeting basic needs like food and healthcare,” said Eden Aaron, CASA’s research and policy analyst.

Synester Scott, an 82-year-old renter from Upper Marlboro, said, “Landlords and developers are gambling with our lives, and it must stop now!”

CASA emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive approach to permanent rent stabilization and supports a 3% cap on rent increases. The organization also advocates for full vacancy control to prevent exploitation by landlords and ensure stability for tenants. Furthermore, CASA calls for regulations on fees to promote fairness and transparency in rental agreements, reflecting concerns raised in the workgroup’s report.

“It is time for us to come to a permanent solution for rent stabilization. With this workgroup, we wanted to hold space for both sides to come together and give their perspectives on what a permanent bill looks like. I am honored to lead this effort,” closed Krystal Oriadha, Prince George’s County Council Member, District 7.


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