Immigrant Families Look to Calvin Ball to Approve CB51

Annapolis, MD – Executive Director Gustavo Torres issued the following statement after the Howard County Council passed CB51, a bill to limit the county collaboration with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), late Monday night.

“Tonight the voice of the people was heard. Immigrant families and allies rose up to hold marches, car caravans, die-ins, and protests, all to end the bed rental agreement Howard County has with ICE. Passing CB51 is the first step in achieving our goal of kicking ICE out of the county and ultimately out of Maryland. We hope County Executive Ball will reconsider his position of vetoing the bill. We look forward to working together to welcome immigrants, building trust between the community and county government with bills like this one.

“The night wouldn’t be complete without expressing gratitude to Council Members Liz Walsh, Deb Jung, and Christiana Rigby. They demonstrated valor in stepping up for what’s right. Thanks to sincere and open dialogue with each of them – dialogue that they have taken to heart – the county is closer to demonstrating its ongoing commitment to immigrants.”

In Howard County, Maryland, CASA supports (1) establishing a clear policy limiting collaboration and communication between county agencies and ICE; and 2) eliminating the long standing bed rental contract between the county and ICE. The Mid-Atlantic’s largest immigrant advocacy organization fights to abolish ICE and its hateful, xenophobic practices.