29 SEPTEMBER 2021, WASHINGTON, DC – CASA Executive Director Gustavo Torres issued the following statement in response to the parliamentarian’s advice to not include citizenship in the registry plan that is a part of Congress’s budget reconciliation package.

“For 35 years, CASA immigrant activists have marched and protested for citizenship. Now, after years of fighting, we are a breath away from victory. With Democrats controlling both chambers of Congress, they have the power to deliver citizenship for millions of DACA and TPS holders, farmworkers, and essential workers. Senate Democrats can and should overrule the parliamentary advice and include citizenship in the budget reconciliation.

“Not only does Congress have a precedent of ignoring parliamentary advice, but especially now it is urgent Senate Leader Chuck Schumer and Vice President Kamala Harris do so. The Parliamentarian is an unelected public servant who offered flawed reasoning and consideration of inappropriate political factors. Vice President Harris must ignore this faulty assessment and embrace the bold decisions she promised during the elections. Senate Democrats must deliver for immigrants by any means necessary.”

Activists and affected immigrant community members delivered this news in a protest outside the residence of the Vice President in Washington, DC, this afternoon. Videos and images available at this twitter thread below. 

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