“Rent relief during the pandemic is a matter of life and death,” says CASA

Video statement in English and Spanish

Community Member statement in Spanish and English subtitles

Richmond, Virginia – In response to the latest actions around the eviction protection bills moving during Virginia’s special session, CASA’s Virginia Director Luis Aguilar issued the following statement:

“Protecting working-class Virginians from the health and economic disaster caused by the coronavirus is the point of launching the special session. This virus has led to mass unemployment and with that comes the fear of losing homes. In the land of opportunity, we’re seeing people who came to build a better life for themselves and their families struggling to stay on their feet in the midst of one of the worst pandemics in history. Those who didn’t lose their jobs braved the frontlines to keep our economy alive. If legislators don’t provide an eviction moratorium during the special session, thousands could lose their homes and be on the streets. Rent relief during the crisis is a matter of life and death for working-class Virginians.”

CASA supports (1) eviction protections through a moratorium until at least April of 2021 – SB5051/HB5111, (2) passing a payment plan that would allow tenants breathing room to pay SB5088/HB5064 (3) prohibiting late fees and debt collection activities on rental payments during the State of Emergency and for at least one year once the state of emergency is lifted; and (4) increasing the amount of rent relief for Virginians.

“Due to the pandemic, we have had fewer customers due to the fear of contracting the coronavirus,” said Maria, CASA Member in Annandale. “This has forced me to make difficult choices, like deciding between the essentials for my son and paying the rent every month. I have participated in CASA’s marches and protests for rent relief and also to include the immigrant community in the next stimulus check. Many CASA Committee members were evicted during the month when the freeze was lifted. There are millions of people who could be suffering through an eviction. We as a community must hold legislators accountable to guarantee that all have a roof over their heads.”


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