“The racist motivations of Trump’s appeal will not win in the end. We take this fight to Congress now,” Elsy Alfaro, CASA member and TPS holder

September 14, 2020, Hyattsville, MD – CASA condemns today’s ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to allow for the termination of the legal status of TPS (Temporary Protected Status) holders. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Trump administration’s cancellation of TPS status. That cancellation was challenged by TPS holders and their children from Sudan, Nicaragua, Haiti, and El Salvador in the Ramos v. Nielsen lawsuit and TPS holders from Honduras and Nepal in the Bhattarai v. Nielsen lawsuit. Today’s long-awaited decision from the Ninth Circuit Court affects more than 400,000 people who hold TPS, their families, and the broader community and economy.

Elsy Alfaro, CASA member and TPS holder issued the following statement:

“Although I am devastated by this ruling, it is imperative, now more than ever, that we continue this fight. The racist motivations of Trump’s appeal will not win in the end. Now, Congress must act to protect people like me and my family. It feels like everyday is lived with uncertainty when your legal status in the country is up for debate. I came here from El Salvador in 2000. Even though I recently lost my job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my whole life is here; my church and my five children who were born and raised here. I want to stay here with them so I can watch them grow and follow their dreams. My TPS status could only protect me temporarily. Hundreds of thousands of people like me need a complete overhaul of the TPS system and a clear path to lawful permanent residence. This ruling makes it clear that we need Congress to create a path to permanent residency now.”

Elsy lives in Hyattsville, Maryland, and is a mother of 5. As a TPS recipient, she has been in the country since 2000. She has cleaned homes, offices, and worked in construction. Recently, she lost her job as a result of Covid-19. She is on the leadership team for St Matthew’s Episcopal Church. For her to go back to El Salvador would hinder her children from peace of mind and professional development. Her five children are U.S born citizens and deserve to grow up and follow their dreams in the land they were born.

Lawful permanent residence status can only be granted by Congress, not a court. Activists have consistently called on Congress to act.


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