CASA celebrates Women’s History Month 2022: Mobilizing a Movement

What is it like to take the first step into the unknown? The first step where nobody like you has been? Women all throughout history have taken the first steps to stand up for and improve the lives of their communities. They’re movers, shakers, trailblazers, and thought leaders. They’re courageous; often stepping into the role of being the “first” to do something—first to argue a case in front of the Supreme Court, first to racially integrate southern schools, first to win an Emmy Award. They plant their feet at the precipice of a movement and open their hearts and minds to show others how change can be ushered in with time, teamwork, and tenacity.

Throughout Women’s History Month, CASA shares stories here and on social media of women who mobilized movements for justice. ​​Every one of these women weaves her story into the rich and powerful legacy of women’s history.

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