Richmond Safe Streets

Paving the Way to Safer Roads and Streets in Virginia

What is Richmond Safe Streets?

The United States Route 360 in Richmond has experienced numerous traffic accidents, resulting in fatalities and injuries due to high speeding and inadequate transit infrastructure. Over the past five years, 15 pedestrians, 36 drivers/passengers, and 198 individuals have suffered severe injuries along this route. The stretch from 5254 Hull Street RD to 5753 Hull Street RD requires investments in lighting, crosswalks, and safety measures to reduce fatalities. This aligns with Richmond City’s master plan, “Richmond 360: A guide for growth,” emphasizing streetscape improvements and high-frequency transit, addressing concerns raised by CASA members. The initiative aims to promote alternative options, enhance safety, and urges the Richmond City Council to prioritize improvements for a Vision Zero Plan.

Key reasons to support Safe Streets:

Supporting this campaign will lead to safer streets and neighborhoods, reducing accidents, injuries, and fatalities, thereby ensuring the well-being of community members.

The campaign directly benefits a diverse community with a significant Latino and Black population, prioritizing the safety of these vulnerable residents and their families.

Backing this campaign will result in vital infrastructure improvements, including better lighting, crosswalks, and traffic signals, making it easier for community members to travel safely.

Reducing traffic accidents and congestion can have economic benefits, such as decreased healthcare costs, lower insurance premiums, and increased economic productivity due to reduced time lost in traffic jams.

Promotes eco-friendly transportation, urging investment in crosswalks, lighting, and transit along Hull Street for a safer, greener system. 

Let’s ensure the safety of every community