Rent Relief

2021 Virginia Legislative Session Priority

COVID-19 has stolen our health, and our jobs, but it won’t steal our future. That’s why CASA fights for housing justice during this legislative session.

Starting January 1, 2021, the landlord will still be required to notify their tenants about rent relief programs but could proceed with an eviction if the tenant is denied aid, the program runs out of funds, or it takes the state longer than 45 days to make a payment. They may proceed with the eviction process within 14 days of notifying the tenant through a written notice. The burden of applying for state funding to cover back rent falls on the landlord and not the tenant. While there are some protections in place, this approach is not ideal, and therefore, an eviction moratorium should be advocated for especially, as COVID-19 cases are rapidly rising.

But what happens when someone is unable to pay their rent because the coronavirus has stolen their future? CASA seeks housing justice for families affected by the pandemic, especially during Virginia’s 2021 legislative session. CASA supports the budget proposal to increase rent relief to Virginians that are experiencing financial hardship during COVID – 19, especially the immigrant community.

What housing justice means

Cancel the Rent

ancel Rent/Fees, Debt Accumulation during the state of emergency

Stop Evictions

Extend Moratorium on Evictions one year beyond the state of emergency

Hold Landlords Accountable

No threats or harm to tenants and enforcement of moratorium

CDC Halt on Residential Evictions

To stop the spread of COVID19 the Center for Disease Control has issued an order to make it so that a landlord cannot evict tenants due to nonpayment of rent. This is only a temporary solution, once the order expires tenants are expected to pay all unpaid fees.

It is estimated 40 million people could be at risk for homelessness.

Learn More about the CDC Order

Protections need to be put in place to protect all Virginians during these hard times. CASA is advocating to protect families from homelessness and relieve financial pressure.