Tax season is here at CASA

As with every tax season, CASA has begun providing our community with free tax preparation services. From February to April, CASA provides this vital service to thousands of individuals and families with a household income of less than $64,000 across our footprint.

CASA’s free tax preparation service is multilingual and effective, saving our community members money, as well as putting money into their pockets through federal and state refunds. In 2023, our positive economic impact resulted in $2,508,506 for over 1,632 community members.

With your support, our goal is to beat that, and provide over $3 million dollars in positive economic impact. Will you donate $10 today to support CASA’s services?

While filing taxes isn’t necessarily something most people look forward to, many of those we serve do. CASA helps community members who don’t have a social security number apply for an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN), which besides any refunds they are owed, also allows them to be eligible for a number of other tax credits and services that they might not otherwise know about. Such as opening a bank account, and in states like Maryland, filing their taxes provides every immigrant access to a driver’s license.

CASA’s work of providing free tax preparation services is critical to our community members and we are always looking to aid more folks each year with their taxes. To expand our tax services and reach the $3,000,000 economic impact mark next year, we need you to donate today! Your contribution will uplift CASA’s unique model of wrap-around services, where, when folks come to us, we make sure that we connect them with additional resources and services.

Thank you for supporting CASA’s tax services and the many members it serves.