Thanks to all of the pressure and community support, Roxana was finally released on Monday, February 4th. Although Roxana is back home with her children, her fight is far from over.

As you may already know, Roxana came to the U.S. more than 13 years ago, fleeing violence in El Salvador and extreme violence in her home. In 2008, Roxana was racially profiled by two deputies from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office in Maryland while sitting on a bench eating lunch. The two officers unlawfully detained and transferred her to ICE. In 2013, Roxana won an important victory from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, finding that the Sheriff’s deputies had violated her constitutional rights to be free from unlawful seizure. The case is now in the damages phase in the federal district court for Maryland.

Despite the fact that Roxana won her case, owns her own home, and has deep ties to the United States, Roxana has been forced to attend regular check-ins with ICE for the past decade stemming from this initial arrest.

On Tuesday, January 8th, 2019, Roxana’s worst fear was realized after she was detained during a routine check-in despite the fact she had a court hearing the following Monday regarding her civil rights case.



The community responded immediately. CASA and CASA in Action members rallied outside of ICE, and civil rights leaders demanded Roxana’s release. Thousands of supporters like you signed petitions advocating for her. Religious and community leaders joined Roxana’s husband Cesar and their three youngest children to go from office to office in Congress asking the Maryland delegation to get personally involved in her case.

Thanks to all of the pressure and community support, ICE released Roxana on Monday on a $5,000 bond; an amount of money that was raised in under 36 hours.

Although Roxana is back home with her children, the fight is far from over. We need to keep on fighting with Roxana for justice. There are three ways you can get involved:


Donate to Roxana


Donate to CASA


Attend Roxana’s next check-in


Contribute financially: After almost a month in detention, Roxana’s family financial resources are depleted and it’s not clear if Roxana will be able to return to work. Her family needs support to pay for medical bills, groceries, their mortgage payments, and other necessary expenses. If you would like to support her family directly, you can do so through her gofundme page.If you’d like to support CASA’s work in defending Roxana, please click here.

Show Up: Roxana will have to check in again with ICE. Please click here if you would like to come support her outside of the ICE offices in Baltimore, MD. Sign up with the link above and we will provide more details when a date is scheduled. Help us make sure Roxana is released at her next check-in to the community that loves her.

Thank you for showing up and supporting Roxana.

In solidarity,

Gustavo Torres,
Executive Director, CASA