If you woke up this morning with an extra spring in your step, you aren’t alone. People across the country and across the world woke up today with the knowledge that we are finally closing the book on one of the darker chapters in the history of the American Presidency.

The inauguration of the 46th President of the United States marks not just the end of something painful, but the start of something new. While the future is uncertain, the new administration and new balance of political forces in Congress mean that the possibility for real, substantive change is nearer now than it has been in years.

We too are very excited at the news coming out of the Biden administration about plans for bold action on immigration in the first 100 days. In fact, we have been working closely with the Biden transition team to assure that immigration reform is a top priority. As the Biden-Harris administration takes off, undoing the damage of the last four years and building a fair, humane and functional immigration system is of upmost importance. It is expected that the new president will announce immigration reform plans right after the inauguration.

These reforms will help our country reimagine how we understand our immigrant community. We are fiercely advocating for the need for a pathway to citizenship and we look forward to Biden’s actions regarding this and the many other reforms.

There’s sure to be a deluge of information today and in the coming days about this policy – watch your inbox – CASA is committed to bringing you reliable, up-to-date information on the state of our struggles for justice and how you can take action.

Stay connected with CASA this afternoon by taking the time to celebrate this day and all of the work Black, brown, and Latino communities have achieved to get us to this point. At 2:00 pm today, join us on Facebook for a live conversation to celebrate the day and talk about our hopes for immigration reform under the Biden-Harris administration.

Watch our celebration.