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CASA and NAKASEC members outside of the White House on Wednesday proclaiming that immigrants are essential!

CASA members and allies rallied at the White House twice this week because we must keep the momentum going for immigration reform! Thank you for showing up in the streets and standing with us.

Thank you for joining us on Monday, when CASA stood along with Indigenous Environmental Network, Sunrise Movement, and others to call on President Biden to deliver for Black, brown, and working Americans by fully investing in climate, jobs, care, and justice. Black and brown voters cast their votes last year with the hope to ensure a Democratic majority and the power needed to pass legislation without the support of Republicans. Now, President Biden’s infrastructure plan could undergo possible cuts in order to obtain a bipartisan agreement with Republicans. We must keep the momentum up for a full investment in infrastructure improvement and renewable energy for the Black, brown, and working Americans counting on President Biden’s infrastructure plan.

CASA, along with NAKASEC, were back at the White House on Wednesday to demand the Biden-Harris administration take action on citizenship for all. The Biden-Harris administration has yet to publicly commit to including a path to citizenship for any group of immigrants in the American Families Plan. Thank you for standing with us as we continue to sound the alarms for immigrant inclusion in recovery packages: any path to economic recovery must include a path to citizenship for immigrant essential workers, TPS holders, and DACA holders.

Thank you for every Facebook live you watch, every retweet, every like on Instagram, every share on TikTok, and every event you attend to show your support for the immigrant community! Stay tuned for the next upcoming large mobilization in DC. We’ll be gathering on June 24 — so save the date! The push for immigrant inclusion — a path to citizenship for undocumented youth, TPS/DED holders, essential workers, and farmworkers — in the Build Back Better economic package via reconciliation continues. ¡Sí se puede!