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Youth are the future! Yesterday, CASA and other immigrant organizations headed to Washington, D.C. for our weekly Wednesday immigration reform event. This time the action was led by immigrant youth who marched to the Democratic National Committee building to tell Democrats that the future of the immigrant community is in their hands: citizenship for all can’t wait! If you missed the event, you can re-watch the entire livestream and hear from the youth immigrant leaders.

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CASA member and leader Marilu traveled all the way from Pennsylvania to share her story yesterday. Fifteen years ago, Marilu arrived in Harrisburg, PA, from Mexico. Since the moment she arrived, she started working. Marilu is a waitress in a restaurant in Harrisburg, but her dream is to be in the health field. She is passionate about helping others.

During the pandemic, she lost her job as a waitress. She had to stay home with her two children to support them during virtual learning when schools closed. Since Marilu’s family was excluded from the stimulus package due to their immigration status, her husband was forced to work, despite knowing that he was putting not just himself but his whole family at risk. When he tested positive for COVID, Marilu didn’t see her children for three weeks as a precaution as she took care of her husband.

Marilu’s message to Democrats: We need you to deliver! Especially with control of the Senate, House, and White House immigrant youth and families deserve to feel protected and secure in the country they call home.

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CASA member Marilu Saldaña:

DACA holder, Pennsylvania resident, mother of two, and essential worker during the pandemic.

Marilu joined immigrant youth, directly impacted families, and allies in Garfield park to march on the DNC and demand Democratic leadership deliver for immigrant families as the economic and health crisis continues well past a year. Undocumented immigrant families have risked their lives and safety as essential workers though they continue to be deportable. It was powerful to see the diversity of immigrant families gathered in one place: immigrant youth voters whose parents have been left out of stimulus and deserve citizenship, DACA holders demanding citizenship for all, and undocumented immigrant youth who do not qualify for DREAM but whose families are essential workers.

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Every legislative vehicle moves us closer to achieving a path to citizenship for all immigrant families. There is no more waiting. Take action today and call your member of Congress to urge them to pass legislation that would include a path to citizenship for immigrants currently in the U.S. Let them know that we want swift action on immigration reform.


Stay tuned for CASA’s event next Wednesday as we continue to uplift immigrant realities and push for citizenship for all. With Women’s History Month beginning in March, next week’s rally will focus on women on the frontlines and women in work — in the home and in the workplace. From reuniting families to building a new path to citizenship, this is the time to get big things done!