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The COVID-19 virus does not discriminate as it ravages our health, jobs, and very way of life. But unfortunately those in Washington do. Many vulnerable immigrant brothers and sisters are confronting this crisis without any aid from the federal government.

With the pandemic, the fight for justice has gotten harder as our fellow immigrant family and neighbors struggle to stay employed and stay afloat.

That’s why we’ve started the CASA Solidarity Fund. Where the government has failed, we can stand together to make it through this crisis as one community. Through the Solidarity Fund, CASA will directly distribute cash to the members who need our help now more than ever. Yes, we’re advocating for the aid that rightfully belongs to all taxpayers, but we know our brothers and sisters are hurting now.

Our commitment to solidarity and justice means now is the time for all of us, who are able, to pitch in. Please donate to CASA’s Solidarity Fund.


Thank you for showing your support for our immigrant communities in this time of need. Together, we are CASA.