Sign to Email the Prince George's County Council: YES on Rent Stabilization

My name is Kia, and I got a rent increase of $800. I thought it was a typo. My rent in Prince George’s County has gone up every year, but not $800!

I organized with my neighbors and got my rent increased from over 50% to 13%… but even that is way too high. The worst part is: some of the worst increases in the County are being driven by out-of-state investors who have bought up housing complexes.

Tenants deserve to know their housing costs, just like homeowners and landlords have a predictable mortgage expense. And those costs must be reasonable. We cannot leave residents – from seniors to young parents – confronting big rent hikes.

When tenants are forced to leave because of excessive rent increases, it hurts not just that particular tenant but all of us. Schools are destabilized when families are forced to move. Jobs are lost when tenants move far away to afford the rent. Communities are uprooted when tenants can no longer stay in housing they may have occupied for years.

As a resident of the County, I believe that it is critical that we put people first. I am asking for a YES vote on CB-07. Write the Prince George’s County Council to tell them the same.