CASA in Action will be hosting its annual Noche del Immigrante Monday, February 26. Our immigrant communities and allies will come together to tell state representatives what we needed and expect from them. We will raise our voices to stand up for a diverse Maryland and support state bills that will protect and uplift immigrants and working class families across Maryland. These are some of the bills we will be supporting:


In 2012, Maryland voters stood up for immigrant students and passed the MD DREAM Act referendum. State Senate Bill 546 expands the MD DREAM Act by ensuring that students who graduate from high school and pay their taxes in our state continue to be able to access public universities and colleges at the in-state tuition rate – regardless of the outcome of the current debate over DACA in Washington.  Even if Congress doesn’t stand up for Dreamers, let’s make sure Maryland will!

MVA Confidentiality

In Maryland, individuals without legal immigration status can obtain drivers’ licenses. This keeps us all safer on the roads. However, ICE sometimes requests information such as addresses from the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) to facilitate the unjust detention of immigrants.  State House Bill 1626 will prevent ICE from accessing MVA information without a warrant or subpoena. This requirement protects access to licenses and MVA services while also diminishing risk for immigrants in Maryland.

Fight for $15!

Many across Maryland, in particular our immigrant neighbors, are employed in underpaying minimum wage jobs. State House Bill 664 will gradually increase the minimum wage in Maryland to $15 an hour by 2023. That’s just a $1 increase per year to benefit hardworking Marylanders.


CASA in Action  will be providing transportation–buses will leave from the MCC at 4:00 pm. Our itinerary is as follows:

5-7:00 pm: Lobby in state representative offices.

7-8:00 pm: Rally outside of the Maryland state house.

Join us in the fight!