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On Monday, SCOTUS ruled 9-0 that current laws do not allow TPS holders to adjust their status to gain permanent residency. This decision forecloses the opportunity for TPS holders to get green cards under current immigration laws. The ruling from the nine Supreme Court Justices also confirms what we have known all along: the only real and just outcome that TPS holders deserve is a pathway to citizenship. TPS holders like Elsy need President Biden and Congress to act, and replace the currently broken immigration laws. Like many TPS holders, Elsy has lived in the U.S. for decades, and the idea of being sent back to El Salvador is unfathomable to her and her family.

That is why on June 24th, thousands of immigrant leaders like Elsy will be marching in D.C. to say “We Can’t Wait!” They need reform now. #WeCantWait.

Will you join Elsy in demanding for comprehensive immigration reform?

Elsy lives in Hyattsville, Maryland. A mother of 5 U.S.-born children, Elsy has lived and worked in the U.S. since 2000. She has cleaned homes, offices, and worked in construction until she recently lost her job as a result of COVID-19. And while for now, Temporary Protected Status provides some peace of mind for her and her children, Elsy deserves permanent security.

Without a pathway to citizenship, Elsy is forced to live in this tenuous status. Elsy deserves to be with her children as they grow up and become adults in the only country they know. All TPS holders deserve to live where they call home. That is why she fights for justice, and I know that is why you fight with her.