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My name is Fermina. I am an immigrant from Guatemala, a mother of two, and since 2014, a proud CASA member.

I first came to CASA seeking academic help for my eldest child and to enroll him in CASA’s after-school program.

Fermina, pictured with some of her merchandise

After some time, I learned about the other programs and services that CASA provided, and so I enrolled in literacy classes, life skills English classes, and sewing classes. Through CASA’s sewing classes, I learned a new skill that helped me increase my income to better support my family.

CASA’s classes were very helpful. I met new people and through the skills I learned in these classes, I decided to start a small business on Facebook making traditional Guatemalan dresses and other traditional products.

It’s not always easy, but through the years, my business has grown to make up most of my income, and CASA has helped me along the way. CASA assisted me in getting my driver’s license and helped me apply for emergency rental assistance when I was having difficulty paying my rent due to COVID.

CASA continued to provide my children with afterschool programming and encouraged me to get more involved with the school system at the county level. I am happy running my own business and look forward to continuing to work with CASA by participating in other programs and advocating for my community.

In solidarity,

CASA Member