A mother is a beautiful person who puts her children first

It isn’t until we’re adults that we fully understand the sacrifices our mothers made for us.

Mothers work three jobs, stretch their last dollar for new school clothes, make our favorite meals.

Their courage to uproot their lives for our brighter futures is admirable.

They try hard to make you feel like the world is a beautiful place, with their love shining through.

That love is never erased. It lives on for generations.

For many of us, our mothers passed, with an empty hollow that no one can quite fill.

For others, motherhood is but a dream, trying without success, loss after loss.

Motherhood is complicated with joy and struggle, resilience amidst challenges.

We honor the bravery, sacrifice, and brilliance of motherhood. On behalf of us, our children, and our children’s children: we thank you.

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