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On July 7, 2022, brave CASA members in Maryland went on a rent strike in the name of housing justice. 

Over 50 families from the Westgate at Laurel apartment complex united and rallied to initiate their strike. Renters’ maintenance requests have been ignored by Schweb Partners LLC, the property owners since 2020. Apartments now have months of untreated mold and water damage, all while the rent and added fees are being outrageously increased.

Laurel City Council Member-At-Large Martin Mitchell showed his support for members at this rally on July 7th, stating that there are currently no protections for renters from price gouging. According to CASA lead organizer, Jorge Benitez Perez, renters have felt heavy rent increases from $200 to $500 in just the two years since Schweb Partners LLC took over.  And this is not only happening in Maryland. Members across CASA’s footprint have been organizing to fight back against housing injustices from landlords who exploit their tenants and ignore their responsibilities.

CASA members and renters in the Westgate complex show off their signs for the rent strike.

Renters can’t continue trying to survive like this and they are putting everything on the table. 

In solidarity,

Gustavo Torres

Executive Director, CASA