Taking ESOL classes at CASA was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

My name is Joselyn, I am a proud CASA member and an even prouder graduate of CASA’s 4B ESOL class. When I started taking English classes at CASA about 3 years ago, I can honestly say that I had zero English skills. At work, I always needed to have someone translate for me, and I could not speak with my boss and coworkers who only spoke English.

I tried taking English classes at a private ESOL school. It cost a lot of money and I didn’t learn anything there. When I was there, it felt like the school was more interested in getting paid than what I needed to learn.

CASA’s ESOL program was the complete opposite. CASA made me feel welcome from the beginning. And after taking ESOL classes and developing my English skills, I feel so much more confident. Now when I go to stores I am comfortable, I can ask for something when I need it. At work, I speak with my boss and coworkers no problem.

I am proud of myself and how much I’ve learned. I continue taking classes at CASA and perfecting my English so that I can get my GED. I want to continue my education and I dream of one day opening my own business. With CASA’s help, I know I can achieve these dreams.

In solidarity,

Joselyn Rosa
CASA Member

Sign up for ESOL classes at wearecasa.org/aprenderingles