We celebrate the Lancaster City Council’s unanimous passage of the Trust Act, a historic legislation crucial for boosting the sense of belonging and enhancing the safety of immigrants within the Welcoming City. The Trust Act ensures that City officials do not proactively collaborate with ICE and do not share their information to aid civil immigration enforcement. It passed on Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

The Trust Act allows City residents to more fully participate in civic society without fear, thereby encouraging them to feel safe reporting crimes, using health and social services for their families, and enrolling their children in schools. CASA members, alongside other immigrants, live with fear of family separation caused by ICE in various Pennsylvania jurisdictions and identified safety as a top priority for this immigrant community organization.

Lancaster City resident Fidel is one of many CASA members who advocated for the Trust Act. He shared, “I have heard so many testimonies from members of our CASA committee that are concerning and very sad because they affect the entire family, especially the children. With the Trust Act I see that this gives us back the hope and dignity that we all deserve. I am very happy for the joint work that the City has done with CASA to make Lancaster a magnificent city, to continue being a joyful citizen and proud of our City representatives.”

With the courage and dedication of CASA members and support from allies like you, we can push every community in Pennsylvania to follow Lancaster City’s powerful example. Today – we celebrate! Tomorrow, it’s back to work fighting for justice for our community.

CASA's Pennsylvania State Director Daniel Alvalle speaks to CBS 21 about our historic victory

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