Urgent Email Needed

Arlette Morales needs your help.

CASA member Arlette was not yet fifteen-years-old when Trump canceled DACA the first time. She is now eighteen and one of approximately 66,000 immigrant teenagers who had been locked out of DACA until a federal judge ordered the Trump administration to fully reinstate the initiative in December 2020. But she is still waiting. Arlette is stuck in limbo, waiting for her DACA application to be approved.

USCIS failed to process the DACA renewal application of NAKASEC board chair Ju Hong. As a result, Ju lost his DACA and consequently lost his job with the Alameda County government. This happened despite Ju following the process laid out by USCIS, applying in March. Thankfully, after a few nerve-wracking days, Ju’s DACA was renewed — all from the result of people power taking action. Ju’s experience is consistent with some reports of major backlogs in the system.

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