Today is Juneteenth, which commemorates the special day in which the last of the emancipated enslaved people, in the south, were freed in Texas. This country was built on the labor of enslaved Black people, meaning that every contribution and piece of progress is thanks to them.

We can’t forget that as we honor Black freedom, there is much work to be done to erode the systems that marginalize and hurt Black communities. In our role as a national organization and as a powerbuilding movement comes the responsibility to champion Black-led organizations and organizers. Joining in power, solidarity, and action will make the fight towards freedom stronger as our struggles are inextricably bound together.

That is why during the 2022 Social Justice Summit, an incredible event co-hosted by CASA and our partners at No Studios, CASA proudly organized a panel titled Multiracial Coalition Building: Black and Brown Communities Leading the Resistance Together alongside Black-led partner organizations like Citizen Policing Project, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and Mothers on The Move.

There cannot be an immigrant justice fight without also fighting for the full systemic liberation of our Black families.