Movement Month is about CASA supporters, old and new. So we are sharing longtime CASA donor Jennifer Hug’s story on why they chose to support CASA and continue to do so.

You can share Jen’s story, or more importantly, your own story, with your personal network, to inspire them to join the movement and become a CASA supporter. 

“When George Floyd was killed by police in May of 2020, I felt the need to find some outlet, some way to support racial justice. I started off by expanding my knowledge and reading books. I knew of the organization SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice), so started attending Zoom meetings for the Baltimore chapter. One of SURJ’s accountability partners is CASA.

This led me to learning more about the plight of working class folks and immigrants in and around Baltimore. I wanted to help them as well! Not as a white martyr, but as an ally, as someone who acknowledges their struggles and my privilege as a white woman. I’m not the kind of person to be on the front lines of rallies, I’m more of the quiet supporter in the background. So, when the CASA Ally Network came into being, I happily joined it. Then, I became a monthly donor to the worthy cause of immigrant justice.

This country was founded by immigrants (after taking it from the Indigenous peoples), and I feel like we all need to treat this particular group of people much better. They deserve more. And those of us that are able to donate, or help in any way, should do so!” – Jennifer Hug , CASA donor since 2020.

People like Jen have helped fuel the immigrant rights movement. Throughout Movement Month, we hope to bring in more supporters like you and Jen to continue this momentum and join the fight for immigrant justice.