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CASA Applauds the Introduction of a Strong Tenant Protection Bill in Prince George’s County

Prince George’s County, MD -This week Prince George’s County Council Member Tom Dernoga introduced a strong pro-tenant bill that seeks to improve the quality of housing in the County by improving code enforcement. The bill would protect tenant’s rights, require better data collection, and improve housing security. This bill represents a great opportunity to improve the quality of life for all tenants in the county.

“CASA thanks Council Member Dernoga for introducing CB-56-2019 and Council Members Calvin Hawkins and Deni Taveras for co-sponsoring. This bill touches on several key issues faced by working families in the county and moves us in the right direction,” said CASA Executive Director Gustavo Torres. “For many years our tenant members have raised their voices about the lack of quality rental housing. We are hopeful that the passage of this bill creates safer and higher quality living conditions for tenants.”

The tenant protection bill, CB-56-2019, not only seeks to strengthen the code enforcement, but it seeks to collect more data on the status of multifamily housing properties. The bills requires that landlords provide information on the number of code violations, rent, year built, number of units, and much more. Equally important, the bill requires 100% inspection of all multifamily apartment units.

“This important legislation will ensure that each of our residents feels secure about renting in Prince George’s County. Fair and affordable housing is a right every resident deserves, no matter their socioeconomic status,” said Council Member Tom Dernoga.

“My neighbors and I confront constant pest infestations in our apartments.  I’m hopeful this bill will increase the capacity for the county to crackdown on apartment properties that have tenants living in unhealthy and dangerous conditions,” said Prince George’s County resident Marvin Gomez.

CASA looks forward to working with community organizations, community members, county government, and stakeholders to successfully pass CB-56-2019.



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