Wednesday, August 3, 2019

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CASA Applauds Baltimore Mayor Bernard “Jack” Young for Signing an Executive Order to Protect New Americans and Foster Trust in the Community

Baltimore, MD Today, Baltimore Mayor Jack Young signed a strong executive order directing all city agencies to protect from discrimination and provide services to all New Americans and foreign-born residents regardless of immigration status.

“We are very proud of Mayor Young for making the city one of the most pro-immigrant jurisdictions in the country,” said CASA Executive Director Gustavo Torres. “The mayor has taken critical steps towards ensuring that the newest members of the City feel safe and welcomed.”

The Mayor set out strict standards to ensure that police officers are not collaborating with ICE by contributing to civil immigration enforcement.  The Executive Order ensures that all victims and witnesses are treated with the utmost respect and that no one in the City is threatened because of their immigration status. No city agency, unless mandated by federal law will be able to inquire about anyone’s immigration status.  According to the executive order, “the law prohibits city personnel from arresting, detaining or investigating an individual on the basis of an administrative warrant, an immigration detainer, or any other directive by the United States Department of Homeland Security for a civil immigration violation, or a belief that the person is not present legally in the United States or has committed a civil immigration violation.”

“As a Welcoming City, we firmly believe in respecting the rights and dignity of New Americans. As such, we would like to ensure that the newest members of our community are extended the same rights and protections the rest of our residents and visitors enjoy,” said Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young. “This Executive Order clarifies existing anti-discrimination policies and local law enforcement practices in Baltimore and makes clear that discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.”

The city of Baltimore has a rich diverse community. Immigrants from all over the world come to Baltimore. Residents need to feel safe reporting crimes without feeling that there will be repercussions.

“I applaud the Mayor for taking such an important step/forward,” said Baltimore CASA member Dayana Chavez.  “It is because of progressive stances like this that I am proud to call Baltimore city my home and have the opportunity to raise my children in a place where I feel safe.”



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