Cancel the Rent

Virginia Special Session #CancelRentNow

An eviction freeze – a temporary prohibition of evictions – would protect Virginia tenants from homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic, an especially precarious time to lose housing due to economic distress and public health crisis.

Now is the time: CASA strongly urges Senator Petersen and Majority Leader Saslaw to support SB5051 extending eviction moratorium, SB5088 rent payment plan, and SB5118 utilities payment plan to help Virginians have sufficient housing relief and protections from evictions. The state’s legislators have the power to expand the eviction moratorium beyond September 7 and cancel the rent for tenants.

As the Virginia General Assembly reconvenes for a special session, CASA calls for a focus to cancel the rent for tenants. Sign the petition below to request that Senator Petersen and Majority Leader Saslaw expand the eviction freeze to cover all types of eviction cases and extend the freeze until the public health emergency ends, and residents have sufficient relief.

Three Asks for Cancel the Rent #CancelRentNow

Increase the amount of rent relief for Virginians.

Propose eviction protections for every tenant for at least 12 months after the State of Emergency is rescinded and require all eviction actions for non-payment of rent with both loss mitigation and mediation procedures as prerequisites to filing suit.

Prohibit late fees and debt collection activities on rental payments during the State of Emergency and for at least one year once the state of emergency is lifted.

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