This is Our Moment [URGENT EMAIL NEEDED]

Check out CASA’s latest video message to learn about the budget reconciliation process and take action now by sending an email to your Congressperson to help win citizenship and climate justice for millions.

Video Update: Both the Senate and the House of Representatives have now passed a budget resolution that includes a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants across the country and also measures that will fight and undo the damage from climate change. We look now to Democratic leadership to ignore the parliamentarian’s advice. An unelected staff attorney, the parliamentarian is a civil servant who serves at the pleasure of Democratic leadership.

Congress can take the necessary steps to finally deliver a path to citizenship for DACA holders, TPS holders, farm workers, and essential workers and on green infrastructure and invest in measures that will fight climate change.

This is a movement moment and we must be committed to holding the line – of keeping up the pressure on Democratic leadership in the Senate, House, and White House.

Immigrant activists, community members, and allies strategically built towards this moment. The momentum for this opportunity has been building for ages. Every protest, every phone call and email to representatives, every petition signed, and every tweet built up to this unique opportunity.

Now is our chance. We have the opportunity to secure citizenship and climate justice.

Millions of lives hinge on whether Congress will keep these important principles . Millions of stories. Millions of dreams hang in the balance. 

Now we must ask Congress to use every resource available and leave no stone unturned to deliver relief for millions of immigrants and climate justice for millions more.

Using the information you provide, the form will automatically send an email to your members of Congress and White House leaders, adding your voice to the chorus of others demanding immigrant and climate justice.