WASHINGTON, DC – Following President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, CASA Executive Director issued the following response on behalf of the organization’s 125,000 lifetime Latino, immigrant, and working-class members across 46 states.

“Last night’s address re-hashed the same empty words that we’ve heard for years. Immigrants are tired of waiting and tired of promises. Embracing border patrol means more violence and trauma for Black and brown immigrants: President Biden should have no role in helping mainstream the white supremacist ideology that Black and brown bodies need more policing, more surveillance, and more detention. No one should be punished for seeking safety or for trying to stay with their families in the country they call home. The President must lead on bold, immediate action for the millions of immigrants – immigrants like Mitzi Colin Lopez, the DACA holder who was Dr. Biden’s State of the Union guest and Maria Brito, an indigenous Guatemalan who would benefit from temporary status. The Biden administration’s first step should be taking action today, including confirming TPS for Central America, investing in asylum and resettlement, and protecting human rights and dignity. Only with real, concrete steps can President Biden re-commit to safety and rebuild trust with the Black and brown immigrant community.”


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