William Renderos, MSW

Director of Electoral Programs

Director of Electoral Programs for CASA and CASA in Action William Renderos, MSW, advocates for true change. Growing up in a low-income and immigrant community, William experienced both the inequities shaped by disinvestment from elected decision-makers and the richness of family and community support. From these experiences, and challenges faced in his education, he focuses his energy on advocating for improved investment in the schools that serve working families and immigrant communities. After earning a Master of Science in Social Work, he then worked for a national Latinx civil rights organization as it fought to improve English Learner standards and secure fiscal support in the new federal education law. He continued his education advocacy with CASA as the Maryland state advocacy specialist, working with community members and CASA organizers to successfully expand the Maryland Dream Act law and open state scholarship eligibility to more immigrant students. In his current role, he works on political power building within working families and immigrant communities to hold elected officials accountable.