Sara Salazar

Manager of Immigration Integration

Pennsylvania Services Program Coordinator Sara Salazar is proudly Peruvian. She organizes the services offered in York and Lancaster and also works alongside the Americorps team, providing help throughout the citizenship process, financial education, tax preparation, and other services. In Peru, she studied engineering, earning a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Due to no other reason but destiny, she ended up working in the field of finance for many years which she loved. In 2004, she moved to the United States and worked in the world of fitness. In 2016, she discovered CASA and fell completely in love with the organization and shared the passion for helping the community so she became a volunteer to help with program outreach, marches, and committees. In 2017, she became program assistant, continuing to help build up the team. Sara says being part of this organization was a great change in her life that offered tremendous personal growth. She is not only 100% committed to the cause but also involves her family in the fight for equality and justice.