Lidia Rivas

MD Community Organizer

Maryland Community Organizer Lidia Rivas has dedicated her life to helping her community. Lidia first joined CASA as a volunteer and began working on a community outreach program, she later became a community organizer for the Langley Park and Mt. Rainer areas. In her youth in El Salvador, Lidia would sell food and baked goods to be able to afford supplies for people who were incarcerated. She would spend every Saturday visiting the prison with her church youth group. When she migrated to the United States, she began teaching indigenous children who spoke Mam. Since her tenure, Lidia has served her community in any way she can. Whether it is helping organize, mobilize or educate, Lidia is dedicated to bettering the lives of those around her. Lidia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education, specializing in Social Science.

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