Leidi Garcia

Manager of Health Navigation and Social Services

Senior Social Service Coordinator Leidi Garcia brings more than seven years of experience in the public health sector addressing issues and struggles immigrant families face arriving to a new country. Leidi has assisted hundreds of low-income working-class families obtaining essential public and health services in the state. As an immigrant herself, she recognizes the struggles immigrant families face when trying to access essential services. She believes the community needs to cross over the barrier gap in order to be able to facilitate and even eliminate those systematic barriers, so she considers herself “the bridge” that aids the community in overcoming the challanges immigrants face. From the language barrier to understanding how the system oportates. Her expertise in different areas provides her with the ability to accomplish outcomes for what the majority of the members she has assisted in the past, have described in their own words as, ‘life changing solutions.” Leidi is a certified billing and coding assistant with emphasis in administration, she is currently pursuing a career in the business and management sector at the University of Maryland Global Campus.