Jesse Steele, MPA

Director of Development of CASA in Action

CASA in Action’s Director of Development Jesse Steele, MPA, has worked in resourcing social justice movements across the United States for over a decade. Motivated by his passion for organizing people and resources to build power in movements, Jesse has dedicated his career to “building a bigger we” fighting for causes that matter most by engaging allies in the struggle. In his first year running CASA in Action’s 501(c)(4) fundraising, Jesse more than tripled CASA in Action 501(c)(4) income, and as lead on the CASA family’s individual giving programs, nearly doubled CASA’s year on year individual giving totals. Prior to his work with CASA, Jesse worked in domestic violence advocacy in Bucks County, PA, before that working in campaign finance reform in Boston and community development in southwest Virginia. Outside CASA, Jesse’s primary loves are his wonderful wife, his tiny one-eyed dog, and Tottenham Hotspur football club. Jesse holds a Master in Public Policy and Public Administration from the Center for Public Administration and Policy at Virginia Tech.