Hellen Dominguez

Pine Ridge Coordinator

Maryland Pine Ridge Coordinator Hellen Dominguez is passionate about helping others and is inspired daily by the great things CASA does for the members and the community. Whether it is just providing people with community services or inviting them to CASA’s multiple educational classes, Hellen is very involved with the community partner organizations to find solutions for our community members. Hellen prides herself on bringing her customer-centric mindfulness that enables the organization to innovate and thrive. She received her CNA in 2002. Prior to CASA, she worked for nine years in sales and marketing for cellphone and insurance companies, there she took a paralegal course at the Paralegal Institute in Washington, DC. She is earning her Criminal Justice, A.A.S. from Prince George’s Community College. Additionally, she is studying to become a Maryland Real Estate Agent. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. She loves driving through the country, traveling and embedding herself with the knowledge from different cultures. She using what she learns to make her life easier and complete.